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The band released one album for Pye Records as Pesky Gee!, 1969's Exclamation Mark , before Garrett left the band. The remaining band members continued on as Black Widow and released their debut album Sacrifice in 1970. [1]

A jewel amid Earmark's already sparkling crown of 45 rpm box sets, Come to the Sabbat compiles five singles, three by Black Widow , one by their Pesky Gee! predecessor, and one by their Agony Bag successor, to round up a very selective, but nevertheless vastly entertaining history of one of Britain's most eclectic prog acts. The Pesky Gee! 45, coupling "Where Is My Mind" and "A Place of Heartbreak" takes two tracks from the band's Exclamation Mark debut -- not, unfortunately, the best of that LP's contents, but an entertaining brace all the same. Black Widow , meanwhile, are represented by the inevitable "Come to the Sabbat" (twice -- an A-side and, later, a flip), "Way to Power," "Wish You Would," "Accident," and "When My Mind Was Young," again all familiar from their respective LPs, but fascinating to hear at 45. How anybody thought this band was ever likely to score a hit single defies belief, after all. But it's the Agony Bag release that really catches the attention, as "Rabies Is a Killer" and "Never Never Land" spiral out of some maddening cross between the Rocky Horror Show and early Alice Cooper , to display a side of glam rock that you never imagined. Add the label's traditional reproduction picture sleeves and an eyecatching box, and Come to the Sabbat will fascinate even longtime Black Widow collectors.

Black Widow Come To The SabbatBlack Widow Come To The SabbatBlack Widow Come To The SabbatBlack Widow Come To The Sabbat