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They produced performance "events," which included enactments of scores, " Neo-Dada " noise music , and time-based works, as well as concrete poetry , visual art , urban planning , architecture, design, literature, and publishing. Many Fluxus artists share an anti-commercial and anti-art sensibility. Fluxus is sometimes described as intermedia . The ideas and practices of composer John Cage influenced Fluxus, especially his notion that one should embark on an artwork without a conception of its end, and his understanding of the work as a site of interaction between artist and audience. The process of creating was privileged over the finished product. [15] Another influence was the readymades of Marcel Duchamp , a French artist who was active in Dada (1916-c. 1922). George Maciunas , a co-founder of this fluid movement, coined the name Fluxus in 1961 to title a proposed magazine. [16]

A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court is a satirical novel that depicts a contemporary American, Hank Morgan, who is transported to medieval England. In the court of the legendary King Arthur, Morgan uses his modern knowledge to face the trials and tribulations of the middle ages. 

Dick Higgins Poems And MetapoemsDick Higgins Poems And MetapoemsDick Higgins Poems And MetapoemsDick Higgins Poems And Metapoems