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“Artistic graffiti is a modern day offspring of traditional graffiti that has elevated itself, from just scrawling word or phrases on a wall to a complex artistic form of personal expression.” The unknown author of this quote is expressing how true art is one’s creativity. In order for something to be considered art, you do not have to like it. Who are we to judge somebody on whether or not they are being creative? Who are we to decide if their imagination and creativity is art?

How many Disney lawyers did Mike have to suck off for permission to use clips from Star Wars: TFA? We’re watching almost a whole year’s worth of writing, editing, and polishing flesh sabers at Disney headquarters. Thank you for your sacrifice.

At the end of the train era, New York writers had to switch targets. Many has turned their interest to murals while the train scene continued his way in Europe. If graffiti can still be observed on Copenhagen or german subway trains, it also found his way to some city councils. Many cities organise Hip hop events where writers are invited to paint sophisticated pieces on walls. The New York Tats Cru (Nicer, Bio, Just 195, Nosm…) the Mac Crew (Juan, Kongo, Alex…) and the GrimTeam (Chaze, Soda, Dize, Pro…) from Paris have become professional muralists. 

UPDATE 8/12/2007: Jonah of Two Way Roads submitted the following photos, all taken in early summer 2007, which show the progress of construction at the Cherry Hill Mall (or, in some cases, just new angles on the same old mall). There are some nice shots of the former Strawbridge’s building, too, and that space has since been demolished to make way for a new Nordstrom and a two-level expansion of the mall. Thanks Jonah! Check them out:

Here’s another look at the recently revealed Graffiti colorway of the Nike LeBron XI along with some good news… the shoes have been confirmed for a release. It’s unclear when is the actual drop, but according to unconfirmed sources it’s either December or January. The Graffiti option will be also available on Nike iD. This […]

Officials in Rome say they plan to open this passage to the public once the restoration work is done. Presumably some kind of barrier will prevent future tourists from adding their own autographs for posterity.

Graffitti Kids Running To My LifeGraffitti Kids Running To My LifeGraffitti Kids Running To My LifeGraffitti Kids Running To My Life