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By 2287 , the East Coast Brotherhood had established contact with Lost Hills and has actively received support from the West. During this time, they began to make plans to establish control not only over the Capital Wasteland, but the entire Eastern Seaboard. To complete this objective, they began constructing a massive airship called the Prydwen , using parts from the Enclave Mobile Crawler at Adams Air Force Base . The development and construction process took a total of six years, two years to design the Prydwen and twice that to build. During this time, the Brotherhood sent three scout missions into the Commonwealth : first, a group volunteered to go into the Commonwealth, then Recon Squad Artemis led by Paladin Brandis and Recon Squad Gladius led by Paladin Danse . The first scout team was overwhelmingly successful. They brought back crates full of pre-War technology and documents and the first post-war reconnaissance of the area. Artemis was not so fortunate with their problems beginning at their drop-off point in Malden. Ambushed by Gunners straight off the Vertibird, which resulted in abandoning and manually shorting out their power armor (to prevent the suits from being captured) and the deaths of four knights. The survivors made their way to the National Guard training yard to regroup, which was infested with feral ghouls and resulted in the death of another knight. Brandis and his scribe left to investigate the pre-War Revere satellite array , but it was infested with super mutants that overcame them and claimed the second last member of the team. The only survivor was the commanding officer, Paladin Brandis, who made his way to a pre-War nuclear bunker, and took shelter there until either the Brotherhood or someone else found him.

The Hindu scriptures narrate various occasions when Shiva or other gods have performed the Tandava. When Sati (first wife of Shiva, who was reborn as Parvati) jumped into the Agni Kunda (sacrificial fire) in Daksha 's Yajna and gave up her life, Shiva is said to have performed the Rudra Tandava to express his grief and anger. The Shivapradosha stotra says when Shiva performs the Sandhya Tandava , the other gods like Brahma , Vishnu , Sarasvati , Lakshmi and Indra play musical instruments and sing Shiva's praises. [5] Ganesha , the son of Shiva, is depicted as Ashtabhuja tandavsa nritya murtis (Eight armed form of Ganesha dancing the Tandava) in temple sculptures. [8] The Bhagavata Purana talks of Krishna dancing his Tandava on the head of the serpent Kaliya . [9] According to Jain traditions, Indra is said to have performed the Tandava in honour of Rishabha (Jain tirthankar) on the latter's birth. [10]

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On 1 February 2014, Danse Society issued an official announcement that Gilmartin and Roberts had unexpectedly resigned from the band, resulting in the cancellation of a series of tour dates. Nash, Whitaker and Maethelyiah continued with Danse Society, joined by new bassist Lee Jones and drummer Iain Hunter. David Whitaker was replaced by Sam Bollands in late 2014, with Jack Cooper replacing Lee Jones. On 9 December 2014 the single 'If I Were Jesus/Sound of Silence' was released followed by the sixth studio album On 25 September 2015 called 'VI' [5]

The artists who travelled and performed in Turkey were called chengis. We have record of them being active in Istanbul since the 1400s and they used to entertain particularly female audiences with dancing and singing. They danced using intricate hip movements and torso articulations, shimmies, and they also used props, some of which we still use today, such as finger cymbals and veils . Today chengis in Turkey still dance for tourists. Turkish dancing style has been heavily influenced by them.

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Danse Society Say It Again Special Edition Club MixDanse Society Say It Again Special Edition Club MixDanse Society Say It Again Special Edition Club MixDanse Society Say It Again Special Edition Club Mix