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Sandock VAs initially fared rather poorly; all 56 models furbished in 1966 were rejected by the South African Army . An extensive rebuild programme followed - the Panhards were returned to the manufacturer, completely disassembled, restructured, and trialled again. [6] These new vehicles claimed a local content of forty per cent but remained heavily bolstered by components imported from France in 1961. [14] Upon undergoing several upgrades to the steering (Mk2) and brakes (Mk3), each vehicle was also equipped with a custom fuel system; [13] the electric clutches were concurrently replaced by more conventional pressure plate clutches (Mk4). [9] While South Africa's AMLs remained externally similar to their French counterparts, up to two-thirds of their parts were of local origin by 1967, the main part of that balance being a new water cooled inline-4 cylinder petrol engine installed in the Mk5. [6] Subsequent models were officially designated Eland . [3]

Ange CaricaturesAnge CaricaturesAnge CaricaturesAnge Caricatures